Leather cleaning

Leather cleaning

Make your leather look new with our professional, damage-free leather cleaning services.

We will clean your leather furniture using specialized leather cleaning equipment and products that:

  • Remove most stains and soiling without damaging the leather
  • Recondition your leather furniture so that it looks like new again

Give your furniture new life with a professional cleaning that makes it look and feel fresh. Not only will it look fantastic again, but will last longer, saving you money and the hassle of buying new furniture. Don’t ask friends to help you move couches, ask Cleaning Star to make your couch perfect for friends to relax on!

Our leather cleaning service is so efficient that it can be done in just a couple of hours or less. We’ll clean your leather lounge in 1hr or your entire leather lounge suite in 2 hours, and you can use your furniture straight away after cleaning! What could be easier?