Leather Cleaning

Doesn't Your Leather Furniture
Deserve A Clean That's More Than Skin Deep?

Even rugged, leather furniture needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. And that make sense. You see, leather takes on the same dust, dirt and pollutants as the other furniture in your home or office. But that's just the start.

For all its durability, leather faces the added challenge of lost softness and moisture as the weeks and months tick by. Sure, you could use a department store leather cleaner and conditioner for your leather furniture and that would work – for a while.

But those store-bought cleaners can also cause long-term damage. Is it worth the risk? We don't think so.

At Cleaning Star we will clean your leather furniture using professional leather cleaning equipment and products that:

  • Remove most stains and soiling without damaging the leather
  • Recondition your leather furniture so that it looks like new again

Your furniture will not only look and feel fresh again but will also last longer, saving you money and time over the long run!

Let Cleaning Star give your leather furniture a clean that goes way more than skin deep!

A Deep Clean That Lasts – In Less Time
Than You Could Ever Imagine

Our leather cleaning service is so efficient that it can be done in just a couple of hours or less.

We’ll clean your leather lounge in 1hr or your entire leather lounge suite in 2 hours and you can use your furniture straightaway after cleaning!

It is simply the fastest and easiest way to protect the investment you've made in your beautiful leather furniture.

Cleaning leather furniture can be difficult – but Cleaning Star's skilled leather cleaning technicians can handle it with ease. You're going to love the way your leather looks today – and for many years to come.

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