Carpet steam cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning

We are your Carpet Steam Cleaning and Stain Treatment Experts!

We are professionals that treat your carpet to the best carpet cleaning treatments around!

Our steam cleaning process follows an 8-point hot water extraction method (as recommended by carpet manufacturers) to clean, invigorate and refresh your carpets.

Don’t buy a new carpet before you talk to the Cleaning Star Team. Let our expertise save you money because most carpet stains can be removed! We can remove any type of dirt or stains... we’ve handled them all. Carpet cleaning with Cleaning Star will save you money over replacing dirty, dingy carpet.

You can also make that expensive carpeting investment last longer by ensuring proper care through regular cleanings. Don’t find yourself buying new carpet earlier than you should have to!

We also eliminate nasty odors that permeate the carpet. No one wants to walk into an office that smells stale and filthy, or into a house that reeks of pet and cooking odors. We deodorise your carpets after steam cleaning so that they will not only look new but will also smell fresh!

At Cleaning Star, we provide a full-scale range of carpet steam cleaning and stain treatment services within Sydney suburbs.